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If you have questions regarding renting a space to sell items, please click the vendor info button below.  If you still have further questions after reading the vendor information, then call us at 954-791-7927.  Press 2 which is for information, then ask for reservations.  Calling or coming in person is the only way to to reach us.  We recommend that you come in BEFORE you intend on renting a space.  Monday's and Wednesdays are best.

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Please do not ask questions, as this mailbox is NOT MONITORED every day.

Planning a party or special event?  Rent one of our theatres.

Note:  This is not for renting a space to sell items at the flea market.  Click VENDOR INFO for all the information.


Our Movie Patrons are always asking us when and if we are going to be playing a particular movie.  The truth is that we don't know what will be playing far in advance.  Movies to be played are picked by our management team and decided every Wednesday.  Then it is posted.   Sometimes we know of movies coming up in the next week or two, and that is posted as "Coming Soon."

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